Jim Riggleman feels like the Reds let the Pirates off the hook after loss

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Jim Riggleman thinks the Reds let the Pirates off the hook

- Yeah, you know, both clubs, really, they had a chance to break it open early. And we got a break when Polanco hit that ball real hard at Peraza. That-- we had nobody out. So I think it's one of those ones where both clubs feel like they let the other club off the hook. But we certainly did. We had second and third, nobody out, and we had a man on second and nobody out, and didn't get anything out of either one of those endings.

So that's baseball. They made the necessary pitches to get out of trouble.

REPORTER: In the 2-run sixth, Peralta comes in and hits a batter. We've seen control problems from him, and it's a pretty big sample size now. Is there any long-term concern about him?

- Well, he was in there to face the one guy, and then we were going to go to Mike against Marte. But, one, he's been such a horse here in the last year or year and 1/2 whatever, and really given some great performances. So we just have confidence he's going to get out of this funk.

But that-- we got to get an out out of that at-bat. Whether he hits a fly ball or hits a ground ball or whatever, we just got to get an out somewhere on that one. And maybe we come out of there with only 1 run. As it turns out, as you said, they end up with 2.

REPORTER: Your impressions of Matt Harvey tonight?

- I felt like the ball was coming out of his hand maybe as good as any time we've seen. The velocity was up. He almost felt too strong maybe. He was throwing a little bit instead of pitching there for a while. And thus, the five innings, 100 pitches. And it's great to see him healthy and firing, but his pitches were a little bit out of the zone, and that got his pitch count up.

REPORTER: On the positive side, Lorenzen, another multi-inning really good performance.

- Yeah, well, he's got a lot of talent. And he saved the rest of the bullpen by being able to do what he does. He can go multiple innings quite often.