Jason Kipnis’s biggest fan joins him for on-field interview

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It's always special when Kip and the Tribe come to Houston.

- Usually we just do a player, but Jason-- and this is Grayson. Show everybody back at home, show the side of your hair to everyone.

- Woo!

- That looks good. With everything that's going on with the season, how nice is it to hear his story and how his family makes sure they come to see you every year in Houston?

- Absolutely. It kind of hits the reset button for you when you know you might be thinking about the wrong things. And you always gotta remember there's other people who might be watching you that might mean a lot to you and you might mean a lot to them, and that's what's more important.

- Grayson, why is Jason your favorite player, buddy?

- Because, well, yes--

- I haven't been giving him many reasons lately, but-- [LAUGHTER]

- But if people didn't hear the story earlier, when the hurricane was going on last year, his mom went to him and said, what's the most important thing you want to keep? And he said all the stuff that gets from you. I thought it was the coolest story ever when last night and I wanted to make sure you knew about it, too.

- I just added a bat to his collection. And every time I see him, we're going to keep adding stuff to it if he wants to keep coming out.

- Absolutely. All right, Other thing for you guys, how big is this win? And good to see the bullpen finish this game off.

- That was a good one. You know, we were saying that the tide might have turned a little bit that Altuve's didn't go out, Correa's didn't go out. I mean, they made it interesting. They put some good swings there at the end, and that's a good line-up. But they closed it down. The bullpen and did their job. And we're looking forward to a winning series tomorrow.

- Great stuff. Grayson, we appreciate you bringing us some luck, all right, buddy? Thanks, buddy.

- Camera shy.