Watch Andrew Shaw pump up Montreal crowd during middle of a fight

When the Montreal Canadiens traded for Andrew Shaw this offseason, they knew what they were getting: a tenacious, hard-nosed forward who often plays on the edge and gets under the skin of opponents.

Shaw put those characteristics on full display in Tuesday night’s preseason game against the Capitals in Montreal. During the second period, Shaw dropped the gloves to fight Washington’s Nathan Walker, an undersized 22-year-old Australian forward trying to prove he can compete at the highest level.

It appears that Shaw didn’t exactly take his opponent’s fighting skill seriously, as he made a point to pump up the Bell Centre crowd while Walker furiously tried to hit him with off-hand jabs.

Eventually, Shaw returned fire and took Walker down before throwing a late punch for good measure. The Montreal crowd loved all of it, so it was mission accomplished for Shaw.

It’s also worth pointing out that Shaw was slew-footed earlier in the game and responded by delivering a pretty dangerous hit to an opponent behind the net.

It may be only preseason, but Shaw’s unrivaled ability to irritate opposing teams appears to be in midseason form.