Toronto Maple Leafs: Hard Work Paying Off

A month ago, if someone had said to you, the Toronto Maple Leafs would be on five-game winning streak, you’d have laughed your head off. The Leafs didn’t possess the defensive capabilities to stop teams from out scoring them, regardless of their attacking prowess.

Just like the drunken mess at the New Year’s party proclaiming “New Year, New Me” we took little notice of the Toronto Maple Leafs confidence to improve this year. Alas, they have, but in an unprecedented move away from the numbers, lets take a glance at the other factors.

Hard Work:

All Hockey fans are different, some believe in the numbers, some don’t, and some sit on the fence gazing into the abyss. One thing that all Leafs fans can agree on this season is how hard this team is working. This is down to one man, Babs.

If you listen to him in interviews, its all about work ethic, all about intensity, and he is really getting that out of his players now. Any coach can ask you to work hard and berate you for not doing enough.

Few coaches (and this is what makes them elite) get you to buy into their ideology. Babcock does this with his players, you can see them growing in every game.

‘The Road To The Winter Classic’ documentary was a brilliant insight into the Leafs organisation and how they’re working. It’s the off-ice community work the team are doing, which is not only bringing the city together, but the team as well, they feel a part of it all.

The Shanaplan is in full flow, and the diamond is starting to shine a little brighter in the rough. If they turn up and work as hard as they have been, they can beat anyone.


Hard work and enjoyment? Yep, absolutely! The Toronto Maple Leafs are not only working hard but look like they’re loving every second of this season.

It hasn’t all been easy, but as a team they’ve been smiling and enjoying themselves. A happy team is a successful team, they want to take the morning skate, they want to work for each other.

For so long in Toronto has the team looked miserable, with the media spotlight seeming to burn their skin. Like a vampire staring at the sun.

This team seems to glisten in it, albeit that they are a new generation and are seemingly born for the camera. Nonetheless keeping the positivity up can only help this team continue streak.

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