Montreal Canadiens Morning Links: Habs vs Red Wings

The Montreal Canadiens will be back on the road today, as they battle the Detroit Red Wings. Also your Habs daily news, updates, and links from around the web.

The Montreal Canadiens will play a rare afternoon game against the Detroit Red Wings today at 3:00 pm. The Habs will look to build off of their emotional comeback win against the New York on Saturday. The Canadiens had most of the Referees calls go against them, but they still managed to win.

Detroit has had a ruff season so far and they are currently sitting in seventh place in the Atlantic Division Standings. However, Detroit is coming off of a huge six to three win over the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Detroit isn’t out of the playoff race yet, and a win against Montreal would be yet another boost for the Wings.

The Wings have a few areas where they have struggled mightily, and one of the biggest area’s has been on the Power Play. The Red Wings currently rank as the NHL’s worst team with the man advantage. Detroit is only scoring on 11.8 percent of their Power Plays this season.

Another area where Detroit has struggled has been their defensive ability. The Red Wings have allowed the NHL’s ninth highest goals against per game. Currently Detroit is allowing 2.95 goals against per game.

Keys to the Game

With Detroit struggling to keep pucks out of their own end, Montreal should look to take advantage early on. The should try and fire as many pucks as they can towards the Wings net. If the Habs are fortunate, they may get a few favorable bounces and steal the games momentum.

The Habs can also be more aggressive on their Penalty Kill. With Detroit’s Power Play being so terrible, the Habs should try and apply as much pressure on the Wings puck carriers. If the Habs can easily kill off Detroit’s first Power Play, the Habs will be able to steal more momentum on their side.

Habs Morning Links

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