Calgary Flames Daily: All-Star Weekend Over, Back To Business

Good morning Calgary Flames fans! With the All-Star weekend now over, we get back to real life again. Let’s see what’s happening in Flames news.

With the Pacific Division just slightly falling short of winning the All-Star game, we now get back into business. The Calgary Flames will resume their season on Wednesday, February 1st against the Minnesota Wild.

Who made a splash at the All-Star game, though? Well, it was  the Flames lone All-Star, Mr. Johnny Gaudreau! This All-Star break couldn’t have come at a better time for the struggling star and for the team in general.

Right before the break, the Calgary Flames played the Ottawa Senators where they won 3-2 in overtime. Before that win, they were on a four-game losing streak and their morale was down. Gaudreau also went 11 games with no goal.

In the game against the Sens, he got the overtime goal aka the game-winning goal to finally get himself a goal and give his team a much needed confidence boost heading into the All-Star break.

“Anytime you get some time off you want to be going in thinking about that last game as it sticks with you so I think that was a big win for our team here,” said Sean Monahan.

And now with Gaudreau coming back from the All-Star break where his line was definitely making headlines on a team where everyone thought Connor McDavid would steal the show, he’ll also be getting this much needed confidence boost. Gaudreau and Vancouver CanucksBo Horvat were definitely one of the best lines out of all the teams, and thus coining the term “Bo-dreau”. The Flames and Canucks may be rivals, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Bo-dreau.

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That’s all in this edition of Flames Daily. We just need Gaudreau to carry on this momentum into the season.

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