Kenny Golladay is all smiles after his big performance vs. Green Bay

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Lions WR Kenny Golladay 1-on-1 with Shannon Spake

- Kenny Golladay, when you guys have the trio-- the threat of wide receiver with you, and Tate, and Jones-- how much freedom does that give all of you guys to do exactly what you did today?

- We just go in the game, really, after a good week of preparation we just go into the game like, man, if you're going to get doubled, then somebody's got to pick up the slack. They wanted to double GT after having a big game, me and Marv-- we got to come through. If they want to double both of them, then I got to come through or vise versa. So man, we put a lot of pressure on each other so we could come out here and make plays for the team.

- I want to take you back to the beginning of the game. That stiff arm-- how satisfying is it when you get to lay one of those.

- Everything happened so fast. A couple of the guys-- they were saying it was a good stiff arm, but I still ended up getting caught. But just playing football.

SHANNON SPAKE: I'm sure that will be on the tape this week. Congratulations.

- Thank you.