Antonio Brown: Steelers offense ‘finally hit our rhythm’ on Sunday

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Steelers WR Antonio Brown 1-on-1 with Laura Okmin

- Antonio Brown, we have been talking for weeks about what wasn't working with this Steelers offense. Was the main ingredient today to make it work so well?

- Well, the run game was going. The offensive line was doing a great job. The passing game started out shaky the first quarter, but everyone was committed to continue to uplift each other, continue to push forward. And we finally hit our rhythm, and we got going.

REPORTER: I love that you mentioned everybody but yourself because what most people would say is the main ingredient was Antonio Bryant. I've been in Pittsburgh all week and looking to make sure the sky wasn't falling because people were talking like it was. Everyone else was panicking. Why weren't you and Ben?

- We don't panic. We know what we're capable of. We know when we come to work and do every day. We don't want to panic. There's no panic in us. We were just excited about a good response, and it was a great response today.

REPORTER: How good does this feel?

- It felt pretty good, but we still got a lot of work ahead. We got a big division opponent next week, and we continue to look forward and take it one game at a time.

REPORTER: Great game, great win. Congratulations.

- Thank you so much.