‘That’s football!’: Josh Norman reacts to the 34 roughing-the-passer calls this season

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NFL CB Josh Norman gives a defender's perspective on this season's plethora of roughing-the-passer penalties.

- You go that way, all right?

- OK. I'm gonna go this way.

- You go that way, and I'm coming from the air, and I'm-- I'm gonna whip turn. I'm speeding down--

- I call it the whiplash-- that's what you should do. The whiplash technique.

- But I'm running to chase you, though. I'm running to chase you-- I see, if I come directly at you, you know? But I'm chasing you around.

- Josh, you're saying--

- Come on.

- You're saying just pure momentum and physics-- you can't stop a moving--

- It's like he was doing a pirouette. No-- I mean, come on.

- It looked like [INAUDIBLE] was able to do it there. I'm just saying, if you can go--

- Yeah. Chasing him.

- Hey, last week Clay Matthews had a hit on your quarterback, Alex Smith. Was that a penalty?

- No.

- You don't think so?

- Alex even said it wasn't.

- Well, and here--

- I mean, when you look at it-- yes, I'm for the team, so yes.

- Yeah. Sure.

- But at the end of the day, come on, that's football. I feel like we touching the stuff, and the rules of the game, and we try to make it more complicated, then we just go out there and [INAUDIBLE].

- It is-- but it is interesting when quarterbacks-- when Aaron Rodgers comes out, and Ben Roethlisberger come out, and they're like, it's getting out of control. And the rule is to protect them.

- Meanwhile, points are up, fans are happy. And guess what? None of these quarterbacks have been injured, really, on it, so-- I don't know.