Michael Vick breaks down his legendary run against the Minnesota Vikings

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Michael Vick walks you through his game-winning run in overtime, when the Falcons beat the Vikings.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - I'm Mike Vick. And I want to share one of my most memorable experiences in the National Football League. I would have to say it was the Minnesota Vikings in 2003.

Now, I will have to tell you that I had a stomach virus before the game. I didn't eat anything. I just drunk liquid. It's probably the reason I came into the game 206 pounds and not really feeling assured about myself.

Throughout the course of the game, the Minnesota Vikings continued to play man-to-man coverage against the quarterback as mobile as myself, which was a bad idea. They continued to do it. I gained maybe 150 yards on the ground in regulation. And then the game goes into overtime.

Both team's defenses played pretty well. Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss on the other side. So it was a very competitive game.

Come overtime, we get the ball first. Thank God. They line up in man coverage on the first play. What'd I do? I say to myself, if nobody's open on the two-second count in the pocket, I'm taking off.

Off the left edge, to my recollection, they bring a blitz or just a good pass rush by the defensive end. Man coverage guys are running crossing routes. Not two man, but single high man. So it was one extra safety that was not in the field.

I take advantage of it. I predetermine the run. I never predetermine a run. I just let it happen instinctively.

And I ran to my left. I seen daylight. The first thing I'm thinking is, OK, good, I got a first down. Let me look to get down and get out of bounds.

But then nobody shows up. I see a safety. And I see a corner trying to convert. I say to myself, do I have the speed at 206 pounds with the power to split them?

I split them, went right through them. I don't know what happened behind me. I seen it on film the next day. I was in the end zone. And I ran into the locker room and celebrated.

The one thing I always wanted to do as a player was run into the locker room after a win, whether it was a game-winning catch or a touchdown run or a touchdown pass, victorious. That was my time. I had a great day that day, a day that I never forget.