Why Mychal Kendricks must be released by Philadelphia Eagles

There’s no way Mychal Kendricks is in the green, black, white and silver again next season.

Once upon a time, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks was the 46th-overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. It seems like it was much longer than that though. Is it just us, or does it feel like this guy’s been on the team for over ten years? Either way, his name evokes so many emotions in a true Eagles fan.

His story is one of being a high draft pick in a class that represented so much hope for a city. He’s one of the guys you think about when you wonder why this team can’t get it right in the draft. He’s a reminder that Philadelphia must do better with their selections in the future. It’s kind of hard to guess how could he could have been because he always seemed to be hurt. He even makes you think about former coach Andy Reid.

There’s one more thing about Kendricks. He’s too expensive. He represents $6.6 million of the Eagles’ 2017 salary, and if they reach the third day of the league year with him still on the roster, $4.35 million of his base salary is guaranteed money. Don’t expect him to still be a member of the Eagles when that day rolls around.

What’s unfortunate about all of this is when Kendricks is on the field, he’s normally serviceable. He’s just normally on the sideline. If injuries haven’t been the issue, he’s been unable to find his spot in the defensive scheme. Under defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz‘s leadership, Kendricks became one of the forgotten men.

Maybe there’s still time. Perhaps a new city and a fresh start are the key. Whatever the case, the Eagles need to free up some money, and there are questions about what to do with everyone from defensive tackle Bennie Logan to left tackle Jason Peters. This is a case of salary cap casualties, production and necessity. The clock is ticking. For Kendricks, that isn’t a good thing.

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