The Niners wouldn’t really go after Tom Brady…would they?

Nope. Not buying it.

We refuse to buy it.

Skip! Don’t sell us this!

You know we have no willpower. We’ll eventually buy it.

Darn it, Skip. You got us.

Tom Brady to the Niners makes sense.

Still, we just can’t see it happening…right?

There’s a nugget of truth. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick did always want Jimmy Garoppolo as his guy after Brady was finished.

But no…Belichick and Brady are boys.

They’re too tight to split up…

Come again?

We’re at a loss for words.

Is it actually Kraft and Brady that are tight?

We’re struggling to make sense of this!

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The Patriots won the Super Bowl just a year ago. And they made it to the playoffs this season for the 11th consecutive season.

Why would Brady leave now?

Oh…they don’t want him back?

Is that what you’re telling us?

We can see that. Other greats have finished in other places.

But seriously, where can Brady win as much as he won in New England?

He wants to finish his career with a chance to win big.

Oh (again).

The Niners did just make the Super Bowl last year. And they were seemingly a throw or two away from winning it all.

Ugh. Yeah…a throw.

But let’s not overreact. Jimmy got them there. He can get them back there again.

And it doesn’t actually help either of their careers.


Except, what does make sense about Brady’s career path as of today?

He sure is taking it lightly on Twitter.

He’s FaceTiming the Tennessee Titans coach in public!

He’s listening to Dana White’s Las Vegas Raiders pitch!

He’s selling sleeping devices on Instagram!

You’re doing everything but giving us a clue, Tom!

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But something tells us this is exactly the way he wants it.

Keep us posted, Mr. Brady.