Tiki Barber reportedly to re-marry

Former New York Giants star Tiki Barber is planning another comeback — to married life, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

The retired Big Blue great proposed to his girlfriend, Traci Lynn Johnson, 24, over the weekend.

The pretty, blonde Johnson is the former NBC intern for who Barber, 36, left his wife, Ginny, in 2009, when she was pregnant with their twins.

"They got engaged," said Mark Lepselter, Barber’s agent and a close friend the engaged couple. "[Tiki’s] very happy, and he’s moving forward with his life."

But Barber — who also is in the midst of trying to return to playing in the NFL after a five-year hiatus — still has to get free from his wife.

His divorce from Ginny Barber is pending in the Manhattan Supreme Court, where the couple has bitterly battled over money issues.

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