Rex Ryan tried to trade for Tyrod Taylor when he was coaching Jets

New Bills coach Rex Ryan will have to find a starting quarterback among E.J. Manuel, Tyrod Taylor, and Matt Cassel.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

New Bills coach Rex Ryan is reportedly excited to have Tyrod Taylor as his quarterback in Buffalo. 

While it’s hard to imagine Ryan being excited about his current quarterback situation in anyway (Matt Cassel and E.J. Manuel are also on the depth chart), Ryan apparently has had his eyes on Taylor for quite some time. He told ESPN back in May that he even tried to trade for Taylor when he was coaching the Jets. 

“I actually tried to trade for [Taylor] when I was with the Jets. If he’s not the fastest quarterback in the league, he’s certainly up there with them. He’s got great run skills. I’m not gonna say he’s Russell Wilson, but he’s got a little of that in him, where he’s able to run zone reads and pull the ball down and be effective.”

Speed does not a quarterback make, a lesson Ryan should know first hand considering he had ittle success with Michael Vick as his QB last season. Then again, we are talking about a guy who thought bringing in Tim Tebow was a good idea.

The real question is, what exactly was Ryan offering to the Ravens if he really wanted to bring Taylor to New York? While Taylor was Joe Flacco’s primary backup, he attempted a grand total of 35 passes during his four years in Baltimore. Unless Ryan’s purported trade offer came during the season or during Taylor’s first two years in the league, it’s hard to imagine Ozzie Newsome turning down even a seventh-round pick for Taylor. 

(h/t: Baltimore Beatdown)