Julian Edelman just realized this Blockbuster rental is 12 years overdue

A man in North Carolina was arrested recently for something we’ve all done: forgetting to return a movie rental. It happens less frequently nowadays in the age of digital rentals and Netflix, but James Meyers Jr. of Concord is facing a misdemeanor for a 14-year overdue rental.

Well, Meyers isn’t the only one to accidentally hold onto a movie for way too long. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has done the same thing, and he proved it on Instagram. Edelman posted a photo of a Blockbuster video game rental from 12 years ago. The game? "Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow" for the original Xbox.

When you go home and find out you still haven't returned a block buster from 2004….. #latefeesfordays #bekindrewind

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Maybe Edelman hadn’t seen the news of Meyers’ arrest because, well, he could face charges for failing to return the game for more than a decade. One can only imagine the late fees he racked up.