My Kansas City Chiefs Christmas wishlist

Merry Christmas! The Chiefs face Denver Broncos in Arrowhead on Christmas night.

For the first year in recent memory, the Kansas City Chiefs are in position to sweep the Broncos. It has been a long time since this franchise was on top of this rivalry.

The last time that happened, I was still in college. Gunther Cunningham was the Chiefs head coach. Donnie Edwards was the leading tackler and James Hasty (one of my all-time favorite Chiefs) led the team with 4 INTs while patrolling the secondary. It was 2000, the first year after losing Derrick Thomas.

This Christmas night game has been a long time coming. Yes, the Chiefs have struggled and dropped games they should not have this season. But, the Broncos have been on a worse slide. They have lost 4 of their last 6 games. They have only scored 1 touchdown in the last 11 quarters. They are still dangerous like a wounded animal, but they are fading. The time to take the division back is now.

We have Casey Bloyer on the show today. He hosts a Denver radio show that focuses on the Broncos. His blatant lack of confidence in the Broncos is eye-opening and entertaining. Check out the show and hit the links below to subscribe.

Here’s my wishlist for Sunday Night Football

This is what I hope for. some may be long shots, but this is what want to see Sunday night.

  1. I want realistic Andy Reid. Hopefully, he’s learned from the missteps this seasons and last week. He recognizes that playing to win and playing not-to-lose are drastically different. He recognizes he has to stay aggressive. He has to trust his quarterback to make reads and execute.
  2. I want a pass rush that is hungry again. Last week, Justin Houston and Dee Ford combined for a goose egg. Zero sacks and zero tackles. This team needs a dynamic duo to spearhead the defense with pressure. It has to protect the secondary and set itself up to dominate in the postseason.
  3. I want a powerful running game. I hope that Reid has had the team practice the run game this week as an emphasis for the playoff run. If you don’t practice it, you can’t improve. I want outside stretch with 2 TEs on the line, not as H-backs. I want counter-action in the backfield. I really want to see more split-backs, like the formation Tyreek Hill ran his touchdown against the Titans from.
  4. I want Marcus Peters to assert his dominance again. It isn’t enough to just shut down one-half of the field (for the most part). He needs to actually make interceptions again. He has Steven nelson holding his own. He has Terrance Mitchell playing out of his mind. The Broncos have been forced to throw in recent games. The Chiefs big dog in the secondary has got to eat.
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  6. I want a balanced passing game. Tyreek Hill and Chris Conley should get just as many targets at Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce. Spencer Ware should not be too far behind them either. Despite being Jayhawks, Aqib Talib and Chris Harris cannot cover 4 receivers on their own. There are mismatches to be had. Distribute the ball evenly.
  7. Protect the young inside linebackers. News came Wednesday that Justin March is designated to return at some point this season. Great. In the meantime, stunt and slant and bull your way to keep guards off of Ramik Wilson and D.J. Alexander.
  8. Lastly, let Alex Smith run this offense. He is drowning in single-read playcalling. Let him tuck it and run. Let him change the play at the line. You can trust him. Do not give him a two-option read, narrowed to one side of the field and ask him to squeeze passes into tight or double coverage. Throw a fade to Chris Conley. It’s novel, but it could pay off big time. Keep attacking until the competition cannot see a path to victory.

This is my Christmas wishlist Coach Reid. There are may like it, but this one is mine. Use it to sweep the Broncos and get on a run. Use it to beat up teams down the stretch. Remember, beat Denver and a Merry Christmas will be had by all.

Enjoy your holiday!

It’s going to be another cold game. Stay warm out there and enjoy the game, Addicts!

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