Donald Trump: Tom Brady was ‘enormous’ in his Massachusetts domination

Tom Brady pushed Donald Trump over the top in Massachusetts, at least that's what Trump believes.

Matthew J. Lee (The Boston Globe

Donald Trump cruised to victory in the Massachusetts Republican primary on Tuesday. But Trump didn’t take the credit for the runaway win, instead saying that Tom Brady was the man who put Trump over the top.

Trump told the New York Times that the New England Patriots star quarterback was an "enormous help" in helping him claim 49.3 percent of the Massachusetts vote, 31 percentage points ahead of Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. The margin of victory was Trump’s largest in the seven states he won Tuesday.

Brady publicly backed Trump earlier in the campaign, telling WEEI that "Donald is a good friend of mine" and even having one of Trump’s campaign hats in his locker last year.

Despite the win, not all Patriots fans were pleased with team owner Robert Kraft’s public show of support for Trump.