Aqib Talib sums up Super Bowl win with one well-known Drake verse

Aqib Talib seems to be enjoying the hell out of being a champ. 

The Broncos cornerback has been one of the most charismatic players since the team handled the Panthers 24-10 in Sunday’s Super Bowl 50. Talib made a memorable appearance on the NFL Network set after the game, which created a viral moment.

As the confetti was falling, Talib decided to sum up the moment with one well-known Drake verse. 

"I got a really big team and they need some really big rings," Talib sang in a video posted by the Broncos’ Twitter page on Monday. 

The Broncos will have their parade on Tuesday. Sometime in the fall, they’ll make their trip to the White House. In the summer, the Broncos will finally get their Super Bowl 50 rings. 

For the Broncos, City of Denver and their fans, what a time to be alive.

Aqib Talib, Von Miller and T.J. Ward pose for the camera after Super Bowl 50.