Buffalo Bills: Jay Cutler Or Tony Romo A Better Option?

Jay Cutler is going to be available along with Tony Romo and others. The Buffalo Bills are on the cusp and must sign Cutler. Its the best move to make.

Earlier in the week, we attempted to handicap where Jimmy Garoppolo fit into the hierarchy of NFL starting quarterbacks. In all likelihood, he will become a starting quarterback himself during the offseason. On Tuesday, news came out that Jay Cutler will be joining him, at least in terms of switching uniforms. Reports are the Chicago Bears will be shopping their long-time quarterback this spring.

Cutler will likely cost far less to acquire than Garoppolo. He is older and carries a lot of baggage with him from Chicago. Moreover, there’s also a chance that they simply outright release him. There are certainly a group of teams that have no interest in Cutler because of everything that transpired during his time with the Bears. The same is true of Tony Romo. Enter the Buffalo Bills, a team on the cusp and in need of a man under center.

Two brothers from New York, Dan Salem and Todd Salem, discuss the Buffalo Bills in today’s NFL Sports Debate.

Todd Salem:

Because of Cutler’s contract parameters, there exists a very real possibility that he ends up simply being released, which is a similar outcome that could befall Dallas’ Tony Romo. All three quarterbacks, including Garoppolo, are squarely on the market, but for vastly different reasons. This begs the question: Who do you want? Or more specifically, who should the Buffalo Bills target?

There are obviously some qualifications to an answer to that question. The Denver Broncos or Houston Texans are far more likely to desire Romo because of how close they believe they are to competing for a championship. On the other end of the spectrum, the Cleveland Browns would certainly prefer Garoppolo. He fits better with their timeline.

The Bills offer a safe middle between the bottom feeding Browns and division leading Texans. Let’s say you are the Buffalo Bills. Assuming Buffalo moves on from Tyrod Taylor as expected, which direction would you turn at quarterback? I personally would prefer Taylor himself in this discussion, but that’s beside the point!

Cutler feels like a healthy middle between Jimmy G and Romo. Ironically, Cutler also feels like the worst choice, essentially getting the worst of both sides. I have always been high on Romo, believing he is an elite quarterback in this league. Past playoff failures don’t bother me with him. Those are just a case of small sample size. He will also be far cheaper to acquire in terms of assets necessary. It may cost nothing at all if he gets released. Buffalo isn’t exactly a Super Bowl favorite with Romo behind center, but it should have a great offense, and I expect a rebound for what was supposed to be a very good defense. Getting healthy will help tremendously in that regard.

Dan Salem:

The Buffalo Bills are sitting in the best seat this NFL offseason. They can offer a quarterback a new regime, a potentially dynamic offense, and a top of the line defense. If Buffalo were in any other division, the addition of a quarterback would push them to the top. Yet New England still sits as king of the AFC East, but that doesn’t mean the Bills can’t finally make the playoffs. The quarterback to get them there is Jay Cutler.

I’m not a big Cutler fan at this point in time. He has always put up nice numbers, but has been very inconsistent over the last few seasons. Injuries held him back and now Cutler has a lot to prove. He is primed to have an incredible season in 2017, earning himself a major payday on one final big money contract of his career. Cutler must play great to get the deal and he’ll come cheap this winter. He fits in Buffalo for several reasons. First and foremost, both the team and quarterback have everything to prove. This is a winning combination.

Taylor is a fun quarterback, but his time in Buffalo is over. For whatever reason, he’s not the type of player they want. Tony Romo is as good as you say, but injuries concern me and there’s no five-year plan with Romo. Its one or two, if you’re lucky. Garoppolo is hope and experience wrapped into one, yet there is zero chance the Patriots trade him within their own division. Zero chance. That leaves Cutler as Buffalo’s man. His grind it out attitude fits the city and his playing style complements the Bills offense. He won’t cost the team a lot and the chances of him outshining expectations are vastly higher than the risk of him tanking into interception purgatory.

As a New York Jets fan, I hope he does not make it to Buffalo. I’d be happier to see him in New York, but most happy to find him anywhere else in the league. Cutler is dangerous and unpredictable. Everyone expects Romo to have a major comeback season and they’ve counted out Jay Cutler. Never count out Cutler.

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