5 New year’s resolutions the Eagles should have for 2017

2017 is in full swing, and we’ve thought about three resolutions the Eagles should have already made for themselves.

It’s that time of year again. Some are still recovering from getting a little out of hand on Christmas. That could have been tough because it came so quickly after Thanksgiving. It seems like the two holidays are a week apart sometimes. Then, before you knew it the ball was dropping.

The 2016 NFL season for the Philadelphia Eagles was kind of like that too. Sometimes, it seemed like it was dragging along. Other times, you wondered where the time went, but it truly wasn’t that long ago when quarterback Carson Wentz led that first touchdown drive against the Cleveland Browns. Now, with another 16 games behind us, we’ve come up with five resolutions for this team (if they haven’t thought of them already).

1. Nail the 2017 NFL Draft/ Select a corner in the first round.

It was a good job by this this team to wiggle their way back into the first round. Now, they have no room for error in this draft. This team will have many of the same questions surrounding them heading into the 2017 season that they had in 2016. There’s the cornerback position for instance. We still don’t know what to make of what they have, and the veterans who are currently on the roster aren’t long-term answers.

2. Find a running back that can be a workhorse.

Darren Sproles can’t tote the rock 20 times in a game. We know they’ve tried it. Truthfully, it was hard to watch. Every back this team has should be utilized as a change of pace. They really don’t have “the guy”. Wentz threw the ball way too much in his rookie campaign. The Eagles need to take pressure off of him, and they need to chew the clock up at times. Draft a corner first though because running backs will be around, and you can often find a good one in later rounds.

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3. Clean house at wide receiver.

We realize, contractually, they’re stuck with Nelson Agholor, but does this one really need to be explained?

4. Replace Greg Lewis as the team’s wide receiver’s coach.

Refer to number three. We’ll always love Greg for climbing the ladder and bringing that catch in during the Eagles’ last Super Bowl appearance. There may be a spot for him in the organization. It just isn’t standing on the sideline with a headset on during game days. There wasn’t much improvement from his group, and you could actually argue they regressed in many ways. He just doesn’t seem to be a leader.

5. The blitz is your friend. Use it.

The term “Wide Nine” scheme has got to be one Eagles fans have gotten sick of. It was supposed to allow for big years from the defensive ends as it was common knowledge that defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz wouldn’t use the blitz much. Outside of Brandon Graham, it didn’t really work consistently, and for whatever reason, Schwartz was too stubborn, at times to adjust.

This is professional football. You can’t be bland on offense, but you can’t be predictable on defense either. The Eagles don’t get enough pressure with the front four. They, at times, can’t cover anybody in the back end. Send the blitz in 2017!

Only time will tell if they listen to us.

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