Washington Wizards Can’t Afford To Waste John Wall’s MVP Worthy Season

Washington Wizards star John Wall is putting up MVP-type numbers this season, yet his team seems to be wasting his effort again.

Calling something “insane” – at least nowadays – might actually have a positive, desired outcome.

But really, doing something over and over again while expecting a different result is “insanity.”  The Washington Wizards are not only repeating the way they’ve mishandled the management of their franchise by not acquiring quality talent, but they appear to be accepting their own mediocrity again this season.

According to ESPN’s Basketball Power Index, the Wizards are on track to win just 38 games – three less than the previous season in which they missed the NBA Playoffs.

If the prediction proves to be accurate, the Wizards will finish the season without a playoff berth, instead only to book flights for postseason vacations.

Perhaps most importantly, if the prediction is accurate, the Wizards would again waste their star player’s career-season.

Currently, John Wall is averaging roughly 24 points and 10 assists per game on efficient shooting numbers across the board.

Wall’s coming off a December which earned him Player of the Month honors.

Washington’s core, Wall included, is playing at an All-Star level.

Bradley Beal is scoring 20-plus points on a nightly basis, while Otto Porter has developed into the team’s most reliable offensive option.

Marcin Gortat, for the first time since arriving to the district, is averaging a double-double.

Washington has still found themselves sitting just outside of the playoff picture with hopes of securing one of the lower seeds, only to find themselves at the underdog position in the postseason if they do reach it.

Other teams have taken advantage of the Washington Wizards’ leaky defense, making it difficult for the team to gain an identity, even if the four best players are playing the best basketball of their careers.

The season, as a whole, hasn’t gone according to plan for Ernie Grunfeld and the Washington Wizards.

The new off-season signings, including Ian Mahinmi, haven’t contributed and have left Wall to carry the load, just as he’s been doing for most of his NBA career.

He’s coming off double-knee surgery, but is consistently in the top-10 in minutes played. He lacks a reliable backup point guard and the heavy burden hasn’t led to more wins in the book.

When Wall is in the game, according to ESPN, the team’s assist rate is 59 percent. That drops 10 percent when he’s not on the floor, showing how truly reliant the team has become on his play.

Washington’s lack of depth has forced Scott Brooks to overuse his starters, with fear of the bench blowing a lead or not being able to sustain momentum.

These seasons become a blur rather quickly. Soon, Wall’s time in the nation’s capital could be up.

If the team doesn’t do something – meaning, improve the roster – they could find themselves without their star player in the not-too-distant future.

On paper, Wall is putting up MVP-type numbers. The Washington Wizards cannot afford to waste what could be the best season he’ll ever have in D.C.

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