New York Knicks: Derrick Rose’s Triangle Issues Linger

Derrick Rose continues to have an interesting season with the New York Knicks as he attempts to learn and execute the triangle offense.

The New York Knicks are in a tough fight for a potential spot in the playoffs with six weeks of play remaining in the season.

The recent effort from the team utilizing team president Phil Jackson‘s triangle offense has sparked the team offensively, quickly making star forwards Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony fans.

While the Knicks frontcourt is thriving in the triangle, starting point guard Derrick Rose is still having his troubles adjusting to the system. Rose is averaging 17 points per game this season and playing at times like his old MVP self from his years with the Chicago Bulls.

The only difference is he did most of his damage during the first half of the season not while the team was running the triangle.

Rose spoke very openly with reporters at practice in Philadelphia, Thursday about his feelings on running the triangle.

“I still don’t have the feeling yet of the entire offense, but I pick and choose while I’m out there, You think, ‘Don’t F up the game.’ That’s a great way to put it. Just don’t mess up the game, and looking at a lot of film, you learn. That’s what great players do. I believe that I’m great. Great players find a way no matter what situation they’re put in.”

As the starting point guard, it is important for Rose to master the offense and get players in the right position to make plays. His discomfort with the triangle is a cause for concern not only this season, but in his possibility or returning to the Knicks long-term during free agency this summer.

Rose’s agent, B.J. Armstrong, insisted recently in an interview with the New York Post the former All-Star point guard wanted to remain a Knick long-term after this season.

“Nothing has changed with us, It’s the same. We are committed to New York long term. We’ve been committed from the first day we got traded there. You win together, lose together and stick together.”

“New system. New coach. I tell Derrick don’t get frustrated, stick with the system and players and keep encouraging guys and try to find a way to win games. That’s what being a good teammate is all about.”

Rose has been healthier this season with the Knicks than he was the last few seasons in Chicago, giving the team another consistent threat.

His play on offense has played a role in covering a few big lapses in judgment defensively, put on display recently during Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan’s game-winning basket on Monday.

I believe Rose’s statement on “choice” to reporters regarding the triangle offense is all the Knicks can really count on moving forward.

“S—, do I have a choice? Do I have a choice? I just want to win games. Winning takes care of every category for an athlete.”

The fate of the Knicks’ season will depend on Rose’s grasp of the offense. The next few games include some challenges, such as a Sunday home matinee against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

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