Where’s Wallace: Tony Stewart talks dirt racing’s growing popularity

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Tony Stewart discusses the rise of dirt racing drivers in the Monster Energy Cup series and its overall growing popularity with Kenny Wallace.


ANNOUNCER 1: And those that have dirt experience, those are the drivers that do well.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tries to drive by him on the outside!

ANNOUNCER 3: Every 10 years, we see these group of drivers come in. Now here we are again, with these winged sprint cars. Now we got Kyle Larson. Mile

ANNOUNCER 2: Kyle Larson with a win dance.

ANNOUNCER 3: What makes this happen, Tony, every so often?

- I don't know. It's just weird, because it all comes in waves, it seems like.

ANNOUNCER 3: It's well over 50%, 60% now that all the drivers in the Cup Series, they're all dirt racers.

TONY STEWART: You know, I just think car owners have got smarter over the years. And if you wanted to race, you had to be from the south in a late model, or you had to race ASA. And that was really the only place they looked. But I think the owners started realizing that you could look outside the box there and you could find guys who could drive these things.

ANNOUNCER 3: Grassroots racing. Kyle Larson talks about it. Kevin Harvick has made a big deal about it. Why all of sudden grassroots racing has become so famous?

- I think because a lot of us-- you get the Larsons, you get Christopher Bell, you get myself, and you get these guys that go back and want to race outside of what they're normally running in. And I think it's showing these fans that you can go across the country and see really good racing.

ANNOUNCER 3: Mike, you grew on grassroots racing, right? How great is this?