Brett Moffitt’s daring moves propels him to the win at Atlanta | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Brett Moffitt's daring 3-wide move on the final restart propels him to the victory at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

- [INAUDIBLE] Snyder and Johnny Sauter. Snyder with two tires on the inside. Sautter with four on the outside. And here comes Brett Moffitt! For the lead, Moffitt in the 16! Three wide behind Brett Moffitt!

- What a move by Brett Moffitt! And he's got a [INAUDIBLE] now.

- And here comes Crafton trying to get around for second. But he's got company. Look at it! Wow! Noah Gregson on the inside.

- Noah Gregson, Johnny Sautter side by side, now coming down for the white.

- But it's Brett Moffitt out front. And the white flag is out! One to go in Atlanta! The next flag will end it. Side by side is Gregson and Sautter.

- Brett Moffitt.

- Brett Moffitt out front!

- He said, see you later! I'm driving off into the sunset here in Atlanta for this win.

- Banging doors, Sautter and Gregson. And now Roan's trying to get into the mix. But Brett Moffitt with one career win, about to make it two.

- Oh yeah!

- Bringing it to the line. Brett Moffitt wins at Atlanta!

- Brett Moffitt climbing out. You could just see the smile on his face. Big celebration! Water, Gatorade everywhere. Brett, this relationship with the 16 truck came together not too long ago. And you're already in victory lane. Tell me about that final restart where you knew you had the tires, but you had to get it done.

- Yeah first of all, I got to thank [INAUDIBLE], Eisen, TRD, [INAUDIBLE] A&W and Mark Conquests and JGR Engines and just everyone out here. Man, it's unbelievable to even be in a race car at this point, let alone in victory lane. And we had a really good truck all night. Kyle spun his tires a couple of restarts ago, that put us back. But, right here, I knew the 13 was sitting duck. And I just wanted to get a good restart. And hopefully, they got into a battle behind it, which they did. And it's pretty surreal.

- Congratulations on this win. Brett Moffitt wins in Atlanta on a late restart.