Motte’s Minute: The best social media highlights from a wild weekend at the ROVAL

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In this weeks edition of 'Motte's Minute' Daryl Motte takes you through the best social media highlights from a wild weekend at the ROVAL.

- Yesterday's Roval had it all. The NASCAR experiment delivered and the verdict is in. The love for the Roval was real. Now if you didn't get to experience it in person, here's a fan video I think you need to see.


Now being that it was an elimination race, we were all treated to some pretty gutsy racing moves throughout the day. We had cars going airborne. We had cars going four wide. We had cars picking up new sponsors during the race. We even had a driver score his first win, all thanks to this last lap Hail Mary attempt by Jimmy Johnson, which everyone could appreciate. Well, almost everyone.

Jimmy owned up to the move on Twitter saying "Everyone makes mistakes. Apologies to the 78 and all their fans." No need for apologies, Jimmy. You guys gave us one hell of a show. Listen, my minute's up. Back to you.

- Adam, I know you were out at the race yesterday.

- I was. Was that you in the Skybox screaming on the video?

- Some good friends of mine.

- Yeah.

- I was actually shooting the video. I was the one operating the camera. And there you go. And I think it's safe to say-- I think it's safe to say the Roval, it's not going away.