Booby Labonte and Jeff Hammond impressed with Team Penske’s performance in 2018

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Booby Labonte and Jeff Hammond explain why they are impressed so far with the results they've seen out Ryan Blaney and Team Penske.

- Bobby, who else has kind of impressed you so far this year that hasn't won yet?

- You know, I like Ryan Blaney. I've mentioned this--

- I would think so.

- I had mentioned this Monday on the show, and I think last week as well. He just continues to impress me, and he leads at Daytona. He runs great on mile and a 1/2, on big tracks. He won last year at Pocono. I think the most impressive thing was leading so many laps at Martinsville. So, I think for his third full season in the Cup Series, I think maturity wise, I know that Ryan being so young, but yet he just comes across as being one of the coolest guys out there for his age, and he is so competitive at all the tracks. He doesn't come across as a guy, oh, I'm just going to run good on the restricted plate races. I'll just do OK at the rest of them. He is competing to win and lead laps at all the racetracks.

- Yeah. He's definitely good.

- If you were gonna say a Team Penske driver is going go lead 145 laps at Martinsville and win a stage, you would immediately say, probably Brad, maybe Joey. No. How about Ryan Blaney? He was really, really good on Monday. Who's caught your eye early on, Jeff, for the drivers that are yet to win?

- Well, believe it or not, his teammate Joey Logano. I mean, a model of consistency. I mean, you got to look at it like this right here. He's only one of three drivers that's got top 10 finishes in first five races. I mean, he is very, very consistent, and so far, he's not made a lot of mistakes. He's kind of like Kyle Busch to a certain degree, Katelyn, because he just needs that little bit to go up there and really challenge for a win, and I think, more importantly, I think he's trying to build that safety net once again back that kept him out of the playoffs a year ago. But he's one of the guys I think is primed to go to victory late.

- All right. We've talked about Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney, teammates. Who's going to go to victory lane first out of these two guys?

- I'mma go with Ryan Blaney.


- There's a shocker.

- You know, we keep saying it, and I'm gon' say it again. If you lead laps, sooner or later, you'll find victory lane. That's the key, right there. Get up front, and sooner or later they'll get it right, and you'll wind up winning a race.

- So, you two are agreeing?

- Yep.

- Oh, all right.

- I'm with you, man.

- Do you agree with me on this? Ryan Blaney's got [INAUDIBLE] him, right? Personality, and you know, he won a championship. You know, this is all starting to come together.

- Hey, I just got a question. Do you sing and dance, too?


- I don't, but I've seen this kid race quarter midgets at a very young age.

- You guys can talk about that.