Is Kevin Harvick the man to beat at this point in the year?

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew debate whether or not Kevin Harvick is the man to beat for the championship after the first six races of the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kevin Harvick, Rodney Childers go to victory lane second week in a row.

PIT CREW MEMBER: Good job, boys. We're [INAUDIBLE]. You're incredible. Can't drive a slow car fast, man. Fun to drive.

- And now some breaking news on NASCAR Race Hub. We have received word from NASCAR just now that there will be penalties.

HOST: So how about Kevin Harvick? After winning in Vegas, NASCAR's midweek tear down found fault with the rear window support and rocker panel. Loss of playoff points.

- I can't wait to win another race and jump up and down on victory lane on the back window of my car.

- The car was really good in race trim, and hopefully-- hopefully it stays that way today, and we can stomp a mudhole on them.

- I'm gonna go with a 4 this weekend.

- I think he's gonna do it. I'm gonna go with the 4. You know why?

- He's gonna stomp a mud hole.

ANNOUNCER 2: Happy Harvick three-peats. Three in a row. Wow. Back, to back, to back.

PIT CREW MEMBER: Woo! How about that, boys? That's how you rebound and just show them how it is, right there. History making, right there. You're the man.

- This was a statement win.

- I've been mad as [INAUDIBLE] because this team does a great job, and we've got fast racecars, and to take that away from those guys just really pissed me off last week, and everybody was just determined. And all you haters, I see you.

- Well, Kevin Harvick. He has certainly made it interesting already through the first six races. I think, "Stomp a mud hole"-- is that the phrase of the first part of the year?

- This duo liked it, obviously.


- All right. Well, we saw it there, obviously, the penalties that came down on the 4 team. How do you feel like they were able to just completely overcome that, put it behind them, and just keep moving right along?

- Caitlin, it's really pretty simple because the fact they weren't doing anything wrong. That broken in that back window was not a competitive advantage. I mean, everybody said yeah it was, yeah it was. Yes, but they weren't doing it deliberately. It actually broke. You couldn't help it. There was a penalty. They accepted it. And Bobby, they turned right around like he said. They showed it did not give them a competitive advantage. They came right back at Phoenix there, at a racetrack where he's very dominant, and kicked their butt.

- Yeah, exactly. And you know, when you're a race team and you get caught with something and NASCAR finds you, you know, a lot of times if you are deliberately doing something, then it takes a while to regroup from that. So, it does take something out of you. But for what they did, it was like-- like Jeff said, it's not something that they meant to do. It just happened that way. And so, I think the key thing is, I believe with Kevin's frustration of that, and his determination that he's come out of the box with this year, led to the three races in a row for sure.

- I don't know what's more scary for the competition, the fact that the 4 car is fast leading laps, winning races. Or, the fact that this old Kevin Harvick is back. The swagger is. There the determination is evident. Is he is good and as dangerous as we've ever seen right now, Bobby?

- I think so. You know, Tony Stewart, I've heard him talk about Kevin, and I've driven for Kevin, so I kind of have a feel that-- you know, when he gets-- when he gets in that mode, he's unstoppable, and I think that's what he came out this year-- I think with that team right now, with what Tony's told me before, and what I've heard Tony say, as well-- is that Kevin's come out with determination. He wants to go after that championship again, and he's definitely putting it to use on the racetrack. And oh, by the way, he's putting it to use on the media, too.


- Well, he's getting in everybody's head right now. He is real-- I think he's gotten into Joe Gibbs Racing's head. I think he's got his whole organization because his leadership and being able to be as fast as he is has inspired people like, you know, Clint Bowyer. I think Kurt's going to be a factor. Aric Almirola, a phenomenal year so far. I mean, these guys are going to be, I think, the trendsetters for 2018 all the way up and down and throughout the remainder of this year.