Motte’s Minute: ‘Old man Harvick’ reigns in Las Vegas

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Daryl Motte takes you through some of the best social media highlights from Las Vegas including some tweets defending the 'old guys' of the sport.

- We're towards the end of our show, but don't step away just yet because we still have a minute of fun with our friend Daryl Motte. We like to call it "Motte's Minute." check it out.

- Hey, everyone. Welcome to another edition of "Motte's Minute." I'll Daryl Motte. Let's get right into it.

Old guy Kevin Harvick was feeling like a young spring chicken clucking in-- I mean clocking in-- his 100th win in NASCAR. It wasn't just a victory for Harvick, it was a victory for old guys everywhere.

First to chime in was Jimmy Johnson, tweeting, "how about those young guys? Oh wait, a 42-year-old won, and won for the second time this year. Man, I'm happy to be 42."

And then Mark Martin chimed in with, "old man Kevin Harvick spoiling the youth movement." Or however he talks.

Kevin Harvick's win wasn't the only one of the weekend. If you were to ask him, Matt DiBenedetto said he won, too.

- Come here and run 22nd and outperform, you know, guys that run on literally multiple times our budget. And we outran them. So that's something to be proud of. Be always overachieving and outrunning guys that we shouldn't. And I know that makes them mad, and that's satisfying for us.

DARYL MOTTE: The driver of the 32 car for Go Fast Racing finished 22nd, and had this to say.

- We are unsponsored at Phoenix at ISM Raceway this weekend.

DARYL MOTTE: Matt took to Twitter today seeking sponsorship for this weekend's race. Enter Denny Hamlin. "Hell, I'm in for 5k. Where do I send the check?"

Can we please start this kid a GoFundMe already? Matt, I'm no accountant, but maybe get rid of the personal chauffeur.


My minute's up. Back to you guys.

- If Daryl were a really good host to the segment, he would have popped in some cash on the backside himself. I mean, he went the "let's start a GoFundMe page." He should've just wrote the dang check.

- Check to start with, yeah.

- Just hearing KHI donated five grand. So maybe a little bit of the victory--

- Whew.

- --the victory money.

- That's good.

- Look at that. I mean, I think everyone's kind of stepping up. We gotta step up, get the burrito boy--

- Matt.

- --a ride.

- Now, let me say this. If Kevin or Denny are leading the race and they need Matt to move over, I bet he gets way out of the way.

- Is that the deal?

- [INAUDIBLE] caution. Who knows?