Ryan Blaney revisits his multiple on-track run-ins with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in ‘Dale Yeah!’

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In the latest installment of 'Dale Yeah!' Ryan Blaney takes you through his unfortunate on-track run-ins with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

RYAN BLANEY: One of the bad things was the beginning of this year, actually. We, you know, had one run-in-- well, at the first race in Phoenix, we had some back and forth-- really no back and forth. I said something on the radio bad, and then that blew up.

Then, I ended up actually unintentionally spinning him out at Martinsville a few weeks later. So it was like a snowball effect of Junior fans getting mad at me, but you know, that's something you never want to do. You never get in to any confrontation with your buddy or incident. But I think the flip side of that is you can just talk it out, work it out, and move on from it. We did have a nice [INAUDIBLE], which was-- which was really nice.