Kyle Busch now in surprising points hole after tumultuous day at Charlotte

After multiple problems during the race and needing medical attention on pit road, Kyle Busch will need a strong rebound in order move on to the round of 8.

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- So it was a rough day for driver 18 who slapped the wall for the first time on lap 136, tearing up the right rear. Go ahead cue the caution clock. But his crew did a great job getting him back on the track in under five minutes.

Then on lap 279, he spun again. He was able to finish the race, but inside that race car the heat, the carbon monoxide, just way too much for Kyle. He had to get medical attention and had this to say after leaving the infield care center.

- I got heat soaked and felt like I had heat stroke, you know, just from being inside the race car for 200 laps with the crush panels knocked out of it. So, obviously, it was my bad just trying to get a little too much, too early in the race and got out of the groove and got myself in the fence and just tore the right side off of it.

And I mean literally, as soon as I did it-- just coasting around under caution you could feel it being about 50 degrees hotter inside the car. So, it just got so hot that literally it felt like you're going to puke and just trying to make it to the end of the race. And luckily, we did-- and from there, just trying to get cooled back down, get body temperature back to normal.

- You ever puke inside a car, Bobby?

- No, but I was close.

- Close? We can all agree that's a bad thing to do--

- That's a bad thing.

- In the middle of the race. I think Kyle did a great job kind of describing what he was feeling. As someone who's been in that situation before, what's it like for a driver just trying to finish the race?

- Yeah, I have been in that position before. Knocking out crush panels is not where you want to be at. And you can tell at that point in time, it's like all of a sudden that's a blow torch on you. So for Kyle to run that many laps after that happened-- you know he is heat soaked, I mean you could tell he was drenched. It was a hot and humid day already.

And I mean it's a lot of pressure on you at that point in time. It's like, man, I'm just try to get all the fluids. He is asking for ice. He knew that he was in trouble. And I definitely have been there. A lot of guys have been. When you knock crush panels out, you know there's nowhere for that heat to stay out of the car. It just blows in there and you're just like-- it's beating you up.

- Meanwhile, he's going almost 200 miles an hour in a circle. You know, when you look at what the 18 did this weekend, obviously it did not put themselves in a great points position. How concerned are you about this 18 moving forward?

- Well, obviously, they have a lot of speed. I mean, they show a lot of speed and they can do that. He just had a little bit-- you know just trying to go that extra little bit to stay up there in second place at that point in time. You know, he ended up plus 12 from the cutoff line. But we are going to Talladega.

Fortunately, like I said, he has speed in the race car. The team is confident. He has that going for him, but Talladega is Talladega. If he didn't have the speed then I'd be a lot more worried. But you know, they do have that. They're coming into the season right now for them, other than the bad luck they had this weekend.

- And they have been through situations like this in the past in this season, so really kind of lean on those experiences to push them forward.

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