Leah Pritchett & Greg Anderson take pro class wins at Denver | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Watch Leah Pritchett and Greg Anderson take home the top prize in the Top Fuel and Pro Stock finals at the Dodge Mile-High NHRA Nationals.

ANNOUNCER: 37th, final round between the two first time ever here though at Denver, Colorado. Who wants it more? We are about to find out.


ANNOUNCER: If it's about reaction time, Greg wanted it a little more. But Jason's right there.



ANNOUNCER: And it's Greg Anderson for the 91st time in his career.


ANNOUNCER: The man who had heart surgery four years ago to prolong his racing career, save his life. He loves racing pro stock. But recently with this team adding more cars, Jason Line picking up some championships. Greg Anderson probably was questioning it for a while. But he's back. And he's the guy that we both picked at the beginning of the year to win the championship. It's been a long time coming. He came out with a points lead after winning the first round.

Now he got his first [INAUDIBLE] of the [INAUDIBLE]. Which ever driver wins, they will join Steve Torrence and play. You're looking now at the third driver to have multiple race wins in 2018. Do you like Mac tools or do you like that new 13-point car line up?

ANNOUNCER: Well, that 13-point car has just been running on mean all weekend long. Todd Okuhara told me that when they left here last year, they took the fuel system and the tuneup out of the car. And they put it back in when the left Epping. It's a tuneup they use just for Denver. And let me tell you something, that tuneup works.


ANNOUNCER: It's Leah Pritchett by 24 ten thousands of a second.


ANNOUNCER: At the top of the show, I mentioned the last number one qualifier to go the distance. You got to go back to 2009. It's tough to do up here in that thin air of Denver. But what Antron Brown did nine years ago, Leah Pritchett has duplicated here in 2018. It started at the starting line. Doug Kalitta was very much a part of this race leaving the starting line first overly approaching the eventual winner by 2/100 of a second. But after that, here came Pritchett.

ANNOUNCER: Well, and that's what made the race closer than it actually was in terms of performance. It was that starting line advantage for Doug Kalitta. Not quite enough but take a look, left side of your screen. It almost seemed like that MacTool car was popping and banging. There may have been a little bit more. He could have made it a lot more interesting.

ANNOUNCER: Finish line cam shows you the margin of victory as Leah Pritchett grabs her seventh race win in top fuel. Couple those with the three wins in Promod, that's her 10th career overall race win.