Second big wreck unfolds in final laps at Daytona I 2018 ARCA RACING SERIES

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Sean Corr gets loose coming out of turn 4 on the final lap, setting off the second big wreck in the closing stage of the race.

ANNOUNCER: Creed on the bottom side.

ANNOUNCER: Big wreck.

ANNOUNCER: Purdy is going around hard into the wall. Corr goes with him.


ANNOUNCER: Caution, and we'll try again.

ANNOUNCER: Michael Self, Willie Mullins, are the first two cars to get through there.

ANNOUNCER: Riley Herbst also involved.

ANNOUNCER: A lot of cars involved in that incident. Here's Travis Braden. Look at all the damage to that 27 car.

ANNOUNCER: Oh my, we are going to get a wild card winner here at Daytona. With the leaders coming together with one turn to go--

All right, let's see what happened here. Creed on the bottom. Corr on the top.

ANNOUNCER: Nobody to blame here. These guys are just doing all they can do to be push-- you see the 28 get pushed sideways. And then the 43 of Corr and the 8 of Chase Purdy make contact. The 43 takes the 27 up into the outside wall. You see Michael Self go by, relatively unscathed, from this incident anyway.

ANNOUNCER: Chase Purdy got tight on the bottom. You could see, he didn't have any air on his nose. And he just couldn't keep it down there and got into the outside lane.

ANNOUNCER: He didn't have any air in his nose because his nose was up underneath--

ANNOUNCER: Absolutely.

ANNOUNCER: --the back of the 28 car.

ANNOUNCER: And you have to do that if you want to win the race. But you can see it here.

ANNOUNCER: This is in the middle of the backstretch.

ANNOUNCER: Bumper to bumper, gets tight--

ANNOUNCER: You can see how much higher his nose was there with no air on it.

ANNOUNCER: And once cars get together, it's over.

ANNOUNCER: Thomas Praytor [INAUDIBLE] the 06 and the 9. Here's Brad Smith making contact with the 06.

ANNOUNCER: So this is Riley Herbst, on board with his. He's had-- one of many that's had an eventful night. Just about everyone has.

ANNOUNCER: I mean, he was going to be OK until Brad Smith ran into the 06. Scoring monitor shows Noah Gragson-- depends if ARCA deems that he was maintaining speed and when the caution flag came out. Look at the damage. The 06, into the windshield of Riley Herbst.

ANNOUNCER: As a former car owner, how much are you thinking when you see these, how expensive this is?

ANNOUNCER: Dollar signs, just dollar signs.