Ken Roczen finishes fourth in first race since injury that required 11 surgeries | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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In his first race back since his scary injury at Anaheim in 2017, Ken Roczen comes home with a solid fourth-place run.

- Anderson is second. Barcia is third. And the incredible story of Ken Roczen continues with an amazing fourth place finish after a disaster here in this very stadium almost a year ago.

- And Ken, when you think about the year it has been 11 surgeries ago. And I know that we are going to probably still keep talking about it, but what you've done to come back and have this come back, it's incredible. Fourth place tonight. How are you feeling? And what's going through your head?

- I should be happy for sure. I just got a bad start. I shuffled around in the back there a little bit, and definitely found my groove. But I'm a racer. I belong up there. I belong in the top three and winning, too. So I always want to do better, but I have to be happy about myself. Just got to work on a couple of things for sure. Overall I felt pretty good on the moto. Got the jitters out of the way. First one out of the way. And had a close call there. I caught my foot or something. That could have ended bad, but I'm glad I saved that one. And then just stayed on two wheels. It's good to get the first one out off the way. It's about being smart again. And fourth place is plenty good. There's a lot of racing left. And I'm excited to be back with my team. And I have to say thanks to all the supporters-- the fans that have supported me throughout. And I have to give it up to my-- you know she's my fiance, but I like to call her my chick. It just sounds a little bit better and keeps it fresh. But I have to give it up to her for doing what she did and taking care of me the whole time. And she always sticks behind me. And so it's amazing. It's amazing to be back.

- I speak for a lot of fans, everyone at Fox, it's good to have you back and best of luck the rest of the year. And thank you very much.

- Thank you guys! Thank you for watching, too. And, yeah, hopefully get some more exciting racing.

- All right, Ken, thank you.