Michael Self grabs first career win at Kansas I 2017 ARCA RACING SERIES

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After going 5-wide on the final restart Michael Self pulls away from Ty Majeski for his first career win.

ANNOUNCER 1: Several with a legitimate chance at their first career win. Everyone wants to take momentum into the final. Finley from the outside. Creed is slow to get going. Lee down on the bottom. Finley getting a little push. They are five wide.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow, what a restart.

ANNOUNCER 1: Still not decided yet.

ANNOUNCER 2: Shane Lee, what a save underneath Michael Self.

ANNOUNCER 1: And it's Michael Self to the front, looking for his first win.

ANNOUNCER 3: How about Majeski here in a side by side battle for second. The 99 on the inside, Jeff Finley on the outside.

ANNOUNCER 2: And you could throw a blanket over the top nine in this series right now. How exciting is that?

ANNOUNCER 1: Watch out for Dalton Sergeant in the 77. Here he comes running in fourth right now.

ANNOUNCER 3: Right now Michael Self has opened up about six, eight car lengths on Majeski with one to go.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he's cleared the last lapped car that he's going to see for a while. One lap to go 2017. Michael Self trying to get to Victory Lane for the first time at ARCA. Ty Majeski has never won in this series. He's trying to peddle and catch back up.

ANNOUNCER 2: It looks like all Michael Self needed was an opportunity to see the lead. And now he's done a great job holding off one of the fastest cars all weekend. Bringing it through three and four for the last time.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's been so close so many times. Michael Self, the 26 year old from Utah, is going to make it happen in the finale of 2017. Michael Self is a winner in the ARCA racing series.

ANNOUNCER 3: Great to see a first time winner. This is the 22nd first time winner we've had since the beginning of the 2015 season.


ANNOUNCER 3: Twenty-two first time winners.

ANNOUNCER 1: Five this season. Ty, you can speak to that. Your first-- this was your first, not just in this series, but your first big time win was here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah it really was. And just the confidence that comes in winning in a place like Kansas Speedway. So fast, and on a weekend where you have the X-finity series racing along with the Monster Energy Cup Series. Michael Self's going to be on a high for all the off season and looking forward to get to next year.

ANNOUNCER 1: What a story. A first time winner again in the ARCA racing series. Michael Self comes out to celebrate here in Kansas. And Heather Debow is there to greet him.

Probably the hardest ARCA race I've ever run right there. I mean, we did. We fought all day. We just couldn't get balance in the 28 Sinclair Chevy. One time we were loose, and we were tight, and then loose again. Started off wicked loose. Fell way back. Marty Lindley and these 28 Sinclair guys just kept making changes, and kept believing in me, and just kept fighting strong. And that's what these guys do. We should have won Lucas Oil earlier this year that way. And we finally got this one tonight. I mean it's just been so much hard work in the ARCA series this year. It's been insane. Every time we've driven this Sinclair car here, we've been fast, and we've had a shot to win. We had a three second lead in Chicago, blew a right front. To everyone that's been a part of this year, especially Sinclair Oil, I'm going back home in Salt Lake City. My amazing wife Dana, my dad, Mike. All these guys at Indian Motorsports, everyone at Mason Mitchell Motorsports, who let me drive their car this year and had good runs there. I can't thank everyone enough. End of the season, like this, we've got one more K and N race to go, and if we can go make it four in a row. that'd be unbelievable.

MICHAEL SELF: I saw a little bit of clean air, and I wasn't about to give that up. I mean, I just-- I knew it was going to get hairy, and I got kind of bounced around the middle there a little bit. I just kept my foot in it. Just stayed rooted to the floor and just kind of trusted that the car was going to cut and roll through there. And it did. When I came out clear, I think that was the first time I've actually yelled out loud in my helmet to myself about how fast I needed to go and how bad I wanted to win. So, once we got the clean air. The 99 put on a ton of pressure there. And it was just all about hitting the marks. My spotter Derrik Newan helped me a massive amount today. He's helped me so much all year and helped us with the Sinclair program. Given us-- given me the ability drive the car fast, and get better and better every race. And that's what he did tonight, and he helped me to make that win. So it was pretty awesome.