Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel make contact under safety car

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were running 1-2 when they made contact under the safety car. (Photo: Andy Hone/LAT Images)
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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were running 1-2 under the second of three safety car periods early on during the Azerbaijan GP at the Baku City Circuit.

Then, exiting a corner, Hamilton checked up, surprising Vettel who ran into the back of him.

Frustrated, Vettel pulled up alongside Hamilton and turned into the side of him.

Not too many laps later, the race was red-flagged and both cars could be inspected for damage. While both cars appear OK, the incidents were investigated and Vettel was handed a 10-second stop-go penalty for dangerous driving.

After the race, Vettel accused Hamilton of brake-checking him. However, the stewards continued to be more concerned with Vettel’s retaliation, and handed him three extra penalty points on his license. Vettel now has nine penalty points. If he gets three more he would be suspended for a race.