AACA Museum seeks station wagons for ‘Family Affair’ exhibition

1959 Mercury Colony Park station wagon.

The AACA Museum, research center, library and vehicle showcase of the Antique Automobile Club of America, plans a major display of station wagons this summer. “A Family Affair” runs from May 23 through Oct. 12 at the museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and will feature familiar and lesser-known examples of station wagons and will examine their impact on American family life.

The museum’s news release about the exhibition said, “We are celebrating those days before minivans, SUVs and soccer moms, before GPS units replaced paper road maps and in-car entertainment systems replaced ‘spot the license plate’ games and such.”

As it prepares for the exhibition, the museum’s staff has secured the loan of wagons ranging from a 1928 Chrysler to a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, with various models by Edsel, Chevrolet, AMC, Powell and Peugeot in between.

However, it also has a wish list of wagons it would like to include, including those by Volvo, Citroen, a Chevrolet Vega, Ford Pinto, Ford Country Squire, Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz 300TD, Aston Martin Shooting Break, Checker, any woodie, a VW Squareback and the “family trickster” from the National Lampoon Family Vacation movie.

Owners of any of those vehicles willing to lend them to the museum for its display can contact the museum staff through the “Contact” page at the museum’s website.

Article originally on ClassicCars.com.