Rich Hill joins FOX MLB Crew to discuss his big outing in Game 6

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Rich Hill joins the FOX MLB Crew to discuss the Dodgers' big win in Game 6 of the World Series.

- Our techs are wonderful. Tech crew built our set. Lucky enough here with the guys to be joined by Rich Hill, who was great tonight. And rich, just give us a feeling for just getting the responsibility of tonight, coming home knowing you have to be on your game to force tomorrow night.

- Yeah, that was just a great game. I mean, our bullpen did a tremendous job. Austin Barnes behind the plate was incredible all night. I just saw the play by Cody Bellinger making that scoop. It was huge. And, you know, [INAUDIBLE] coming out of the bull, everybody, it was a complete team effort.

- And, you know, something that I told myself before the game to calm everything down was just, you know, in 10 years, 20 years looking back on this night, what would I regret? And I didn't want to have any regrets. So that was the biggest thing. And just go out there leave everything on the field.

- Rich, I know that I faced you in 2015. And I talked to you the other day. Your stuff is electric. And it was playing up. I know Jared Porter, you made an adjustment to the third base side of the ball. Tell us about that adjustment and how has that helped you.

- Yeah, in 2015 at home in Cunningham Park in Milton, Mass. I was-- Jared Porter, who was with the Red Sox at the time, came and watched me throw. And he made a suggestion to me for moving from the first base side to the third base side of the rubber. And when I was starting prior to going in the bullpen, I was on the third base side of the rubber. And he said that by moving over to third base side of the rubber, you would increase your percentages of strikes in the strike zone. And that's why I did that. And it felt extremely natural and comfortable moving over there and doing that.

- That's great.

- Rich Hill, former teammate, my boy, so happy you guys passed to the next round, I mean, to the next game. I had a question for you, facing the Houston Astros for a second time in this series, what was the mentality-- the mentality like before the game? What was your approach? I mean, because you did really well tonight.

- Yeah, that was-- thank you. That was-- the real-- the biggest thing was to leave everything out on the field. And the conviction behind every pitch I wanted to have. I wanted to take that aggressiveness. I know that's a great line up. It's a very, very good team. And, you know, I didn't-- just looking back on it now and just letting everything come out of my hand the way I wanted it to is what I wanted to leave out there on the field. And, you know, looking back on it now, I mean, years after, there will be no regrets.

- Rich, I told these guys before the game that you were in great spirits after what happened in game 2. You were ready to go again. You wanted to prove yourself, that you can go deep at a ballgame. You could have, but you got pulled a little bit early again tonight. I know it was a little frustrating, but don't you think you proved yourself that you deserve to start tonight and you got it done?

- Yeah, I mean, it was-- again, it was a great-- the team effort was incredible. And the fans who come here through the entire season have seen that over and over again. You know, I think more disappointing for me was giving up that home run.

- Yes.

- I made a good pitch. And I just, you know, I tip my cap. I was it was a great swing. That was really the frustration, you know? And somebody told me a long time ago, nobody loves to win and hates to lose more than the manager. And Dave Roberts has done an incredible job this year, you know? And whatever the move might be, you know, I'm not going to second guess it.

- Great team guy.

- Yeah--

- Thank you.

- --at this point in the-- in your season, which is the World Series, it's always team first. I'd want to know with this predominately right-hand hitting lineup, what was your strategy going in? What did you want to establish early, first time through the order?

- Fastballs, that was it. I wanted to-- I wanted to make those guys swing the bat. I know that that's a very, very good lineup, again. But I wanted to make them be the aggressor. I wanted them to swing the bats and, you know, get in the counts where I could use my curveball and strike with my curveball. I know I can throw a strike with my curveball at any time, so I knew I had that weapon in my back pocket.

But really, to go after the hitters-- and you guys know this-- you guys want to swing the bat. You guys want to get up there and get hits. I have this deceptive, you know, life on my fastball. It might not show on the radar gun, but it comes in harder than it looks. And I wanted to use that to my advantage.

- Rich, before we let you go, we have a very serious question-- you know, Papi now, your former teammate, is a true journalist-- his words, not mine. So watching the game, I want-- I want-- if you go watch the monitor and see him watching the game, this is him.


- I love it. I love it. So we call him the Dominican [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh my gosh.

- Hit the thing. Hit the thing.


- That's great. You've got great moves.

- We've got to keep it loose [INAUDIBLE].


- Rich-- Rich said you're a much better hitter.

- Rich, thanks for coming on. Congrats.

- Thank you guys.

- Good luck tomorrow.


- Great job, Rich.

-Good luck--