Phillies: Free Agent Splurge Would be Fun, Yet Unproductive

Phillies GM Matt Klentak could make the splashy move, but he would just stagnate the process

Ruben Amaro Jr. did one thing well, and that was getting deals done. Whether they were good for the long-term success of the club is another story.

His successor on the other hand is looking past names such as Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, or Mark Trumbo and focusing on working with the youth.

Amaro would have given Bautista a three-year contract worth $75 million, stagnating the growth of players such as Roma Quinn.

While we, the fans, would love to see Bautista hit 40 home runs inside a hitters friendly park, building towards the future is the only way to go.

Once 2018 rolls around, then we can take a serious look at Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Clayton Kershaw.

For now, enjoy the energetic youth, and the promises of a bright future. Because we finally have a general manager in this town who understands how to build a winner.

The future is sunny in Philadelphia, but we must, as the 76ers say, trust the process going forward.

Hopefully, the next decade of Philadelphia sports will be as fruitful as the last.

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