Colton Parayko: Blues need to ‘bear down and continue to play for a full 60’

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Colton Parayko: "It's tough that we had a couple of leads, obviously, and tough to give up that point, but we're going to get back at it on Monday and make sure that we continue to get better."

- Scott and Bernie, thanks a lot. Well, Colton, this one has got to hurt a little bit. Considering how many leads you had in this hockey game, letting an important point slip away. How do you break this one down for us?

- Yeah, it was a tough one, obviously. We had a few leads and obviously they're a good team over there. Gotta respect that. Just one of those things where we gotta make sure that we bear down and continue to play for a full 60. Obviously, yeah, it was a tough one, obviously, to give up that fourth [INAUDIBLE] one and then going [INAUDIBLE].

REPORTER: Nine goals combined against in the first two games. What's leading to so many defensive breakdowns?

- I don't know. I'm not sure exactly. We have to kind of go over it, I guess, a little bit more and look into it a little bit more. But I just think that we've got to stay connected. We're a very good team. We just gotta continue to move forward and continue to get better each day.

I think we're fine. We're in a good spot. It's only game 2. 82-game season. So we're in a good spot, I think. And we're only going to improve. And I think it's going to be good.

REPORTER: On the positive, you guys really broke out tonight offensively. Terry Sanko gets a couple. And you score on the power play. Take us to that play.

- Yeah, I think just kind of seemed like a broken play. We almost had two broken plays. [INAUDIBLE] went down to [INAUDIBLE] on the wall in the first one and then we just stayed with it. Patty made a great pass out front to me and I just kind of thought it was a good opportunity to fire back and so I did.

REPORTER: Anything can happen in three on three overtime. Is this going to hurt a little more considering how the play developed and the fact that you guys had a 2-nothing lead to start this one?

- Yeah, I mean, I don't know. It's tough obviously, losing in overtime, any time, no matter which way it is. But it's tough that we had a couple lead obviously and tough to give up that point. But we're gonna get back at it on Monday and make sure that we continue to get better.

- We all know how important the power play is. It let you guys down last year. What was the difference here tonight?

- Good puck movement. I think we're doing a good job of making sure we're moving the puck. Good execution with the puck. And just making sure we're open. I think that we're being predictable to each other and just finding our spots. And I think that when you do that it makes it a lot easier on each other.

Getting pucks and that, I think we've had a lot of shots and that generates a lot of opportunities. And it also generates the opportunity to make passes and things like that and opens that up. So just a combination of things like that and just continue to press on, I think.

- Colton I appreciate it.

- Thank you very much.

- All right, Colton Parayko scores a goal. Over 22 minutes of ice time here tonight, guys. Let's go back upstairs to you.