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ANNOUNCER: The USGA Championships from Charlotte Country Club in North Carolina. It's the 38th US Mid-Amateur Championship.

And this really the only birdie he's had to make today. O'Connell walks that in. Great putt there for the 30-year-old.

This, Kevin O'Connell. Beautiful approach there, and he would win that with a birdie.

ANNOUNCER: Beautiful shot using that ridge from behind the green. And boy, if he can make that putt and steal one away here. Well, and every time we've seen him putt from that view, that line that he draws on the ball is really, really end over end.

SPECTATOR: Great swing.


SPECTATOR: Get back there.

ANNOUNCER: It's a shot there for O'Connell.

ANNOUNCER: That's Kyler Sauer in every shot from this distance. Looks like he hit it or was going to hit it right on line. There it is again. 7 or 8 feet.

ANNOUNCER: And Kevin O'Connell, the 38th US Mid-Amateur champion.

- I present you the Robert T Jones Jr. Memorial Trophy as winner of the 38th US Mid-Amateur Championship.