High school football Game of the Week: J.P. Taravella vs. Deerfield Beach highlights

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FootballHotbed.com's Brandon Odoi recaps one of the high school football games of the week: J.P. Taravella vs. Deerfield Beach.

[SOUND EFFECTS] ANNOUNCER: Coral Springs High School-- the host for JP Taravella of Coral Springs taking on Deerfield Beach. Taravella 3-1 on the season. Deerfield undefeated and mostly because of this young man, Jaylan Knighton. Touchdown early first quarter for Deerfield Beach. 6-0 is your score.

Derohn King, quarterback for Deerfield, finds Bryce Gowdy for the touchdown reception. The extra point is blocked. Deerfield Beach would go up 12-0.

Taravella would make a game out of this. Logan Rubin scramble-- nice scramble here-- finds Vantraveous Williams. Watch the nice move. And he would take off for the end zone, outrunning the entire defense. Touchdown.

And they would get the 2-point conversion here, hitting tight end Mike Vicinanza. And it would only be a four-score game, four-score lead for Deerfield.

Speaking of number 4, nice move there. Jaylan Knighton gets in for the touchdown for his second touchdown of the half.

Trouble here for Taravella. They muff the kickoff return, and Deerfield jumps on it. A turnover would be a big factor and key in this game. And you'd see another one here. Knighton had a wonderful night, but he fumbles, puts the ball on the turf there. Lane Kesterson of Taravella would get the fumble recovery. And Taravella would role.

They would get some things going here. But Rubin would pass to Vicinanza and he would get man plastered to the turf. Deerfield would take over and so would Jaylan Knighton. I now pronounce you very fast. Third touch down of the half. This man was absolutely rolling. 24-8 Deerfield Beach.

They would look to add on more, but Derohn King, their quarterback, would fumble. We talked to both coaches about missed opportunities in the first half.

CHARLES HAFLEY JR: Oh, definitely. You know, we got three fumble recoveries and that's 21 points that we left on the board. The biggest thing we just got to do again is, offensively, we just got to execute offensively. Defensively, we've got to create more turnovers.

- If I can't get 24 [INAUDIBLE], we get back, we have practice tonight.

ANNOUNCER: Second half, Taravella trying to get back into this game. Defense from Deerfield Beach says, not so fast. that's Brandon Dorlus, a Virginia Tech commit, with the scoop and the score-- the big man. 30-8. Puts Deerfield on top big. And the second half highlight for Taravella. Reggie Wallace-- nice kickoff return here. The junior almost gets into the end zone for score, but the turf monster gets him there.

And then on the next play, disaster strikes. Marcus Lafrance with the interception. He would take that one deep into Taravella territory. That's the thing about this Deerfield team-- athletes all over the field. They would just absolutely impose their will on Taravella. And then Rafael Williams would add the score 37-8 at this point in the fourth quarter.

Knighton would continue to have a wonderful day on the ground. It was a record breaking day for the junior running back. Taravella having all sorts of problems defending him. But mistakes kept this thing from getting truly out of hand. Derohn King fumbles there. Andre Mills to pick it up for the Trojans. But make no mistake, Deerfield would ice this thing away.

They would cause their own fumble. Ge'mon Eaford picks it up there-- the Oregon commit. Does a little dancing before finally being dragged down. And this one was all Deerfield. The fullback Juwan Williams getting in on the action. Touchdown there. Deerfield Beach and Jaylan Knighton. Career night for him. 44-8 the victory. Let's talk to coach Jevon Glenn.

- Oh, we gonna let everybody know that we're a force to be reckoned with, not just locally, but nationally. I mean, we pride ourselves-- it just like in our Twitter handle. We'll play anybody anywhere. I know some guys, they say that, but then they duck competition. You got some local schools that dodge each other that are supposed to be number one in their division, number one in their division. But they're scared to play. We play everybody.

We've gotten a taste of everybody in Dade County. We got one last team we're looking to get a piece of. So when we truly say it, we mean it. But some other guys that, they say it, but it's smoke and mirrors.

- Now finally, before we end here. Did you feel like you were going to have a record breaking night tonight? Did you have something in your spirit saying that you were number one?

- That was the crazy thing about it. Because before, when we was in the football room, I told my team that I want this school record. And my O-line said, that's what we're going to do today. So you know, I had-- my coach told me in fourth quarter, I need 20 more years to rush for the school record. And I bust the 50-yard run and I beat the record.