Miami coach Mark Richt on team winning on a short week

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Miami Hurricanes coach Mark Richt was impressed with how hard the players and the staff worked en route to their win over UNC on a short week last Thursday.

- First, Coach, let's take a look back at Thursday night. Big night at Hard Rock Stadium and a big win for your team.

- It was a big win. It was a big crowd. The Cane Walk was huge, the students were there-- of course, the band's always there, and the cheerleaders and all that. But just a great atmosphere that we had. We appreciate it so much and I know on a Thursday night, it was probably so tough to get to that game. I know we-- we had a hard time with traffic. We had a police escort. So it took us probably 10 or 15 minutes longer than normal to get there, but it was-- the guys were ready to play. You know, short week.

I give them credit, I give the coaching staff credit. Everybody was grinding, everybody was working late, everybody was doing what they had to do. I mean, the game before, as soon as it was over that Saturday evening, we're watching film on the next opponent just to try to have a quality Sunday practice. And in the end, it worked out great. You know, that fast turnaround is hard for everybody, but once it was over and we won, we had a little bit of a break. So that was nice for the players and the staff.

We only got to run 46 plays. One of them we took a knee, and I can't remember a game under 50 at all as far as number of plays. But when you score on defense, you got to go play again, you know? You score and they kick off to you, and you're back playing defense. But you know, overall, it was a great game by everybody. First half, I thought, was just super cleanly played by both sides of the ball, other than the blocked extra point, which we know could be crucial in a game that we're about to have. It happened two years ago. So we got to get that straightened out, but other than that. Special teams played well as well.