Marlins acting manager J.T. Realmuto explains how he navigated game

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Miami Marlins acting manager J.T. Realmuto explains how he navigated the game as the skipper.

REPORTER: Got the opportunity to manage a game. What did you think?

- It was fun. I enjoyed it for sure. It was a actually fairly easy game to manage because Sandy did a great job, obviously. So there weren't many [INAUDIBLE] on our part. And obviously, Syndergaard threw a great game. So wasn't too many moves on my part.

REPORTER: Your call to send him out for the 7th?

- Yes.

REPORTER: I mean, is that 91 after [INAUDIBLE]?

- 91, and we had talked about it all game. It's his game. It's his last start of the year. Hadn't had too many innings on his own. So we felt like we were going to send him out there. Once he got around 100, then we start to think about taking him out. But I wanted him to have a chance-- I wanted us to have a chance to score in the 7th and maybe get him a win. Send him back out there for the 7th, but that didn't happen. He did a great job with finishing. He [INAUDIBLE], so that was huge.

REPORTER: What did you think about on the line? The ball on the line.

- I thought it was a fair ball, honestly. I mean, the view where the umpire was in the way was probably the one that cost us from getting it overturned. But the views that I saw it looked like a fair ball. I guess for them it just wasn't enough to overturn.

REPORTER: For Sandy you caught them all here as well. What did you see the difference? What were you guys looking to see from them to close this out on the high you did?

- We kind of talked to him a little bit the last week or so about using his forcing a little bit more. Kind of trying to pitch up with his fastball so I can get some more swing and misses and actually keeps him in the strike zone more. Sometimes these last couple starts he just had trouble with control. [INAUDIBLE] been running off the play a little bit.

So today he used his forcing a lot and you could tell. I mean, he was all over the strike zone. He was attacking hitters with three pitches. I mean, he just did a great job for us. He can keep that going.

REPORTER: What did you think of all of your coaching staff? I mean, Ureña looked locked in as the pitching coach.

- I mean, Ureña gave up one run. He did a pretty good job. There's was only one spot where I had to say hey, if this next guy gets on, go out and talk to him. So I never want a runner to get on, but I kind of wanted Ureña to get to go out and talk to him just to see how that went.

REPORTER: Did he go out?

- He didn't end up having to because Sandy got him out. But, yeah, I know Ureña did a great job. He kept a good chart.