Wei-Yin Chen tries to lift Marlins to series win in finale vs. Mets

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The Miami Marlins have left-hander Wei-Yin Chen on the mound Sunday afternoon as they look to take the series from the New York Mets.

- Go ahead and get to our Toyota Road Ahead. Take a look at the starters for tomorrow's series finale. Ooh, it's going to be Noah Syndergaard on the mound for the Mets. Nelly, that's never an easy matchup.

ANNOUNCER 1: No, It's not. You know, his last outing, he got roughed up a little bit. Four runs in six innings, seven in his last two starts in 13 and 1/3. He throws some heat, you know. It's going to be tough again. Look for another close game.

ANNOUNCER 2: So we got Thor against Chen. And, of course, Chen last time out was at home against the Cardinals. 5 and 1/3, one hit, no runs. His home ERA is 1.94.

ANNOUNCER 3: And I know Chen and Mattingly are both tired of talking about the home versus road splits.

- I don't get it.

- For Wei-Yin Chen--

- Don't ask him tomorrow.

- He has. He has been, for some reason, so much better at Marlins Park than he has been on the road this year.

- I don't get it because, remember, he pitched in Baltimore in Camden Yards. A ball-- that's a homer dome in that place, and, you know, he had some success there. I don't understand how he doesn't have it on the road.

- Well, the good news for the Marlins-- after winning tonight, they now have the opportunity to win the series tomorrow. So hopefully, Miami will be able to do that before they hit the road again. That's going to--