Derek Jeter on Marlins’ rebuilding process

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Marlins CEO Derek Jeter discusses the Marlins facing challenges, finding ways to be resilient, and closing the gap between the Marlins and other teams of the NL.

- Todd Hollandsworth, and CEO of the Marlin, Derek Jeter, joining us right now. Derek, I always appreciate the time. I know you're a very busy man, so thank you.

- I don't have much to do, so no. Anytime you guy invite me, I come on up.

- Excellent. Well, I know you're being facetious because they are very long days. How has it been going these first few months for you as an owner?

- It's been going, right? I mean, we've been taking some strides in the right direction. I said this-- I think I said this to you guys before. I've been preaching patience, patience, patience. I'm finding out I don't have much patience. You want things to be exactly how you want them as soon as possible, but look. We're making strides in the right direction, taking strides in the right direction. And this organization is on the right path.

There's a way to play the game. You play the game as a-- like a professional. One thing that I always prided myself in while I was a player was you play every single game like it's do or die. People would talk about playing in the post-season, and what do you do, and how do you handle yourselves in a game five or game seven. I said, well, if you have that approach every single day and your number one priority is to win, then you don't have to change your approach.

As a player that may help you. Get more familiar with your surroundings, and we obviously have a lot of expectations on those guys that we just drafted. But we couldn't be happier with how they've started their careers.

- Let me ask you this. We talked about the accelerate. Our generation, and I heard this mentioned about you know you, Derek--

- No, no, no. It's your generation. Whenever you say our generation, it assumes you're old.

- That's right.

- Last time you were here, they put together a rally. So I hope you're comfortable.

- Yeah, well, I mean, every time I come up here, you guys say I'm coming up for a half an inning. Then you leave me up here for quite some time.

- Well as long as you keep the headphone on, you're right. We don't let you out from underneath the headphone.

- You said you weren't busy.

- Whether they're here now, or may come up in September. And also it's getting used to playing that long season. So we're always watching. One great thing about being a former player is, look, I understand people are going to struggle.

And I've said it before, teams have to learn how to win. And you go through the course of a season, and I know you've probably heard people say that every team wins 50 games, they lose 50 games, and what do you do with the other 62. So the difference between being a great team and a marginal team is really not that big. So it's finding ways to win those games, and that comes down to the little things.

And I may kick myself for saying this, but I like to see guys struggle. I want to see how you're going to respond to it. Because I don't care how great you are as a player, at some point you're going to scuffle a little bit. So it's how you respond to that.

- I know you're a busy man, so we will let you go.

- Appreciate it.

- All right. CEO Derek Jeter joining us as we are tied here at Marlins Park.