No. 2 Georgia dominates Vanderbilt 41-13

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Bulldogs rack up 561 yards of total offense in a 41-13 blowout of Vanderbilt.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's benefited him greatly because he knows the concepts of every position. From going deep. High arcing shot. It is hauled in. Terry Godwin. And he stays up. Godwin dances into the endzone. 75 yards.

6' 3" 225. Infields will keep it. No, he gave it up. And Holifield has open field. To the pole line. Touchdown Georgia. 24 yards for Elijah Holifield.

ANNOUNCER 2: Not even a fish hook in the calf. Same shot. [INAUDIBLE] and caught. Riley Ridley with the touchdown grab.

Last four plays he went to four different receivers.

ANNOUNCER 1: Again, it's understanding leverage. Understanding who you're throwing to, where to go with the ball. Riley Ridley, you're 6' 2" to 200 pound target on the outside.

He's got a huge wingspan. Jujaua Williams playing over the top. That's the only place that ball gets completed, is back.

ANNOUNCER 2: Warner Robins Little League. This was a star [INAUDIBLE]. Here's Swift. Reversal, and Swift is running by everybody. Whoa. Deandre Swift weaves his way to a 35-yard touchdown.