Robert Smith explains the ‘chaos theory’ that could get Ohio State into the playoffs

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Robert Smith analyzes how losses by Clemson and Alabama late in the season could help Ohio State sneak into the playoffs.

- Clemson losing in the season finale against South Carolina.

- OK?

- Then sitting there with the two losses, and winning the ACC championship game against Miami.

- Knocking Miami out.

- Knocking Miami out.

- ACC's done. And then the ACC can't have a team in there, right?

- OK.

- And then what are we looking at? Are we going to-- let's say Oklahoma wins out. Oklahoma probably goes to number two. But then we have Alabama lose to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Now we've got two loss-- I'm doing all kinds of stuff.

- But that's one last Bama.

- Who's winning the SEC?

- Are they right here? So the SEC, to me, I think Auburn-- I think Auburn, they beat Georgia.

- So you've got Oklahoma by themselves having a scrimmage.


You've got Oklahoma having a scrimmage.

- I think it's going to be--


- Let him get there.

- What do we do then? What do we do?

- I've got Oklahoma--

- If Ohio State wins out, Ohio State has got to be in there.

- Right, right? I mean are we almost talking like--

- What are you doing with Bama?

- Yeah, I'm thinking--

- What are you doing with Bama as one loss?

- I don't know. You look at the resumes. If we're looking at it purely, as resumes at that point, then what do we do? So I'm already saying that Clemson would have beaten Miami. So Miami-- so that's Miami's first loss though, right?

- It is along with Bama.

- Whose in?

- Tell me what you want me to do with the magnets, Robert!

- Take it off.

- I got to have four teams playing January 1.

- I know, I know.

- Remind me of that. If I-- Matt, if I ever get a coaching job. Don't-- let me come--


- Make an official report.

- I think you needs to have Ohio State and Alabama in there.