No. 17 Michigan State fends off snow, takes down Maryland Terps

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Brian Lewerke and the No. 17 Michigan State Spartans fend off the snow to down the Maryland Terrapins 17-7.

ANNOUNCER 1: Why not? Scott, touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: When all else fails, go with what tradition is all about. Kevin Jarvis, Brian Allen, the center on the right side just is power football right here. Put your head down. A nice little [INAUDIBLE] block, though. So you've got the offside guard coming around.

That's nice. But it's still about power. It's about wanting to do when you get inside the green area. From the five yard in, following your fullback, being instinctive about it. And getting--

ANNOUNCER 1: We've all been saying, it's third down and 3. And it's a beautiful fake, and it's a touchdown Lewerke. How about that play fake? I guess we'll find out from Holly later. 25 yards and a touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, the third play tonight we've seen the running prowess of Lewerke. That's why he's so dangerous. On that play run for us, he was where he was supposed to be to force an attempt. At least they've got the wind to their backs.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. He had a 37 yarder, the lone points in the Ohio State debacle a week ago. Slight angle left.

ANNOUNCER 2: Looks like he pulled it.

ANNOUNCER 1: He did.


ANNOUNCER 1: And a late marker comes down.

ANNOUNCER 3: A marker, yeah.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, let's see. Jacquille Veii may have been guilty running into the kicker. We'll check this out.

- Running into the kicker defense number 84. Five yard penalty, fourth down.

ANNOUNCER 2: So it doesn't give them a first down, obviously. Because it was third and goal. But it does give them a mulligan. And he's trying to hold up.

ANNOUNCER 3: You know, that's weak.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he was trying to hold up. You want to debate that one with me?


ANNOUNCER 2: Durkin has every right to be upset. I mean, he really does.

ANNOUNCER 3: Jacquille is just clearly trying to pull up. Wow.

ANNOUNCER 1: I mean, that's an anticipation call. It's just that simple. Now it will be 27 yards, same angle. And this time, ooh. He got away with a slice. But it does make it 17 to 0. That is a huge call, big call. Little letter of the law not being taken into consideration.

ANNOUNCER 3: I think that's great. He was an outstanding freshman when he came in--