Malik Rosier leads No. 8 Miami to a clutch win over the UNC Tarheels 24-19

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Led by Malik Rosier's 356 yards and 3 TD's, the No. 8 Miami Hurricanes defeat the UNC Tarheels 24-19.

- Top side of the field is Lanham. Rosier to throw, he's got the tight end Herndon off the spin. He's gone. Touchdown, Hurricanes. Christopher Herndon, a matchup nightmare for 51 yards.

Travis Holmer had not a whole lot doing on the run in the first half. They're going to throw. And the speed burner Thomas is absolutely gone. 78 yards for Miami out of halftime. He burned KJ Sails.

- That was the matchup that John Papuchis was worried about. Out on the edges, when they're doubling both Berrios and also Richards, and--

- Ratliff-Williams in motion, that's a backwards pass. He throws, touchdown. Beau Corrales. Gadgetry for the Tar Heels. You going for two?

- It appears some sort of swinging gate type of thing on two or more. And what a great call. Beau Corrales just stalks the receiver on the potential run, and that gets down the field. And then Ratliff, two for two on--

- Rosier to Berrios, touchdown.

- By formation, you isolate Berrios on the red shirt freshman.