Oklahoma State opens 2017 with 59-24 win over Tulsa

The Oklahoma State Cowboys beat the Tulsa Golden Huricane 59-24 in their 2017 opener in Stillwater.

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ANNOUNCER 1: Tulsa drops seven. He gets rid of it as he's drilled. Down the sideline, and caught for a touchdown! Tyron's Johnson's first reception at Oklahoma State goes for a 44-yard score.

On 2nd and long, Rudolph, well protected, from a clean pocket-- endzone, Washington, touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 2: And it was really the route concept that got James Washington open-- well, besides his speed. But if you freeze it right here, this is number 13 Jordan Mitchell. He gets eaten up by Jalen McCleskey in the slot. and because the cornerback, Kerwin Thomas has outside leverage, that post route is easy. James Washington with that speed, and a cornerback with outside leverage-- he can break to the inside of the field where Mason Rudoph can lay it up for a touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 1: McCleskey will let it bounce, and now run it down, inside his own five. He is dropped. The ball comes out. There's no signal yet. And now they say, touchdown. They have ruled it a touchdown, saying that he was never down, and it was recovered in the endzone by Tulsa. It's a touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, first coaching point here-- let the football go. This is not going to be a good return. May not need many coaching points, but, yeah, clearly that football is out.

In that role this year, it's going to be Abbott.

ANNOUNCER 1: Downhill comes King, with a big hole. He's in the free. And on JD King's second career carry, he takes it to the house, from 72.

ANNOUNCER 2: And because of the quick screen to the outside on the last play by Dylan Stoner, look at all that room in the middle of the defense. It parts like the Red Sea, and JD King does the rest. The true freshman out of Fitzgerald, Georgia. I talked to Mike Gundy. He said he played a lot of good football down there in Georgia. He felt very confident in his ability as a true freshman.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now the game will come to a close. 59-24, the final.

- Mike, when you have this kind of offensive explosion, what are the things you're going to harp on, for them to just take the next step and keep getting better?

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, we need to look and see where we-- we had some flaws. I think there was a few times early we missed a few blocks. We need do a better job of taking care of the football. But overall, I was really proud of the way we made a lot of big plays and used the explosive guys that we have on our offense. And then defensively, we played great. We cost ourselves 10 points. For the most part they gave up some yards, but once we adjusted and start tackling better, we played better.

- You held this really prolific offense to only two offensive touchdowns. What's the thing that impressed you most about your guys on defense?

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, I thought they had a little bit of the bend but not break theory. And we gave up a long one here in the end. Other than that, we gave up one long drive. I think we played pretty good. Tulsa's got a great scheme. It's hard to hold 'em down. They've got some young quarterbacks, and you know, obviously they're going to get better in the future. But this guy played great, and had great leadership from our team. I'm proud of our guys for the first game.

ANNOUNCER 1: Thanks, coach.

ANNOUNCER 1: Thank you.

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